Date 01/14/2014

Reporting of goods upon arrival.

  1.  General rule. Imported goods (including the conveyance) shall, before unloading,
    be transported directly to the office, at the first destination, that is designated for
    that purpose and the arrival thereof shall be reported by the person in charge of
    the conveyance or an agent on his behalf, in a form and manner prescribed in
  2. Unloading.  Imported goods shall not be unloaded from a conveyance arriving in
    Palau  until  they  have  been  reported  under  subsection  4.13.1  except  where  the
    safety of the conveyance is threatened by collision, fire, the stress of weather, or
    other similar circumstances.
  3. Reporting  after  emergency  unloading.  Where  goods  are  unloaded  in  the
    circumstances  described  in  subsection  4.13.2,  the  person  in  charge  of  the
    conveyance  shall,  as  soon  as  is  reasonably  possible,  report  the  arrival  of  the
    goods and the conveyance to the nearest inspection office.