Date 01/14/2014

Firearms and Ammunition. Firearms and ammunition may be brought into the Republic

  1. Declaration. All Passengers arriving in the Republic shall declare firearms and
    ammunition on their Customs Declaration Forms.
  2. Disposition  of  Firearms  and  Ammunition.  Customs  shall  take  the  following
    actions where firearms and/or ammunition are brought into a port of entry of the
    • If  declared,  held  by  Customs  and  returned  to  the  owner  upon
    • If not declared, confiscated by Customs and disposed of pursuant to
      17 PNCA §3308; or
    • If possessed with the written permission of the President pursuant to
      17  PNCA  §3307,  or  if  otherwise  permitted  by  national  or
      international agreement, released to the appropriate owner;