Date 01/14/2014

Valuation of Imported Items.

  1. Method of Valuation. The basis of the import tax shall be the FOB where such
    can be reasonably determined.
  2. Alternate Methods of Valuation. If the FOB price of imported goods cannot be
    reasonably determined, the payment of the import tax shall be determined by the
    following method which is reasonably available to the Customs Officer:
    • The value or retail price of identical or similar goods available for
      sale  in  Palau.  For  this,  the  Division  of  Customs  will  maintain  a
      valuation database and use the database as a reference to determine
      the correct value. The Division will also conduct market surveys to
      regularly update the database.
  3. Independent Appraisal. If the FOB price or its equivalent cannot be determined
    through  a  market  survey  the  value  for  payment  of  the  import  tax  shall  be
    determined by an independent appraisal, the cost of which shall be borne by the
    importer of the item.
    • Import  Tax  Rates.  The  Import  Tax  shall  be  imposed  on  imported
      items at the rates set in 40 PNCA §1301(a), or such other law as may
      be applicable.