Date 01/14/2014

Unclaimed, Abandoned & Forfeited Goods.

  1. Unclaimed Goods.
    • Removal  to  Warehouse.  Goods  that  have  not  been  removed  from
      temporary storage as being unclaimed or from a bonded warehouse,
      goods that have been abandoned to the Republic of Palau and goods
      that  are  forfeit  shall  be  removed to, and be stored in, a warehouse
      operated  by  the  Division  of  Customs,  or  such  place  as  may  be
      designated by the Director or Chief for that purpose at the expense of
      the consignee.
    • Time in warehouse.  Subject to subsections and the
      goods referred to in subsection shall remain in the warehouse
      for a period of 90 days before disposal thereof.  Expenses related to
      storage  and  disposal  of  such  goods  are  the  responsibility  of  the
      consignee  and  may  be  deducted  from  the  proceeds  of  any  sale  of
      such goods.
    • Notice to claim goods.  Upon receipt of the goods in the warehouse,
      or  place,  referred  to  in  subsection,  notice  shall  be  given  in
      writing to all persons concerned that the goods, other than any forfeit
      Page 15 of 15 or abandoned goods, will be sold, if not claimed within 30 days of
      the date of the notice.
    • Requirement  for  claiming  goods.    The  owner  of  unclaimed  goods
      may claim such goods within 30 days of the notice given only after
      payment  of  any  duties  owing  and  any  storage  charges  payable  as
      prescribed in regulations.
    • Destruction of goods.  Forfeit goods and any perishable goods that
      have  become  deteriorated  or  spoiled,  shall  be  destroyed  under
      Customs supervision.
    • Goods  that  cannot  be  stored.    Goods  that,  in  the  opinion  of  the
      Director  or  Chief,  cannot  be  stored  due  to  their  perishable  or
      dangerous nature, or because they may contaminate other goods in
      storage, may be sold immediately under the direction of the Director
      after having given notice to the owner thereof.
  2. Abandonment of Goods.
    • Owner  may  abandon.    The  owner  of  goods  that  have  not  been
      released  may,  with  the  authorization  of  an  official,  abandon  the
      goods to the Republic.
    • Receipt.    The  official  who  authorized  the  abandonment  under
      subsection  shall  issue  a  receipt,  in  prescribed  form,  for  the
      goods received on behalf of the Republic.
    • Costs.  The costs of storage and transportation of goods prior to their
      abandonment shall be at the expense of the person who abandoned
      the goods.
  3. Sale of unclaimed goods.
    • Public Auction.  The sale of goods referred to in section 5.10 shall
      apply to this section.